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262 Anaerobic Liquid Threadlocking Compound adhesives

Basic Information

Name:Anaerobic Threadlocker
Usage:Construction, Transportation, Automobile Industry, Plumbing, Air Conditioning And Etc.
Main Raw Material:Acrylic
Application:Metal Threads Locking & Sealing
Certificate:ISO SGS ROHS
Place Of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

262 Anaerobic Liquid Threadlocking Compound adhesives

LK262 is a kind of single-component, medium viscosity, high strength and highly chemical resistant anaerobic thread locker sealant. This product is applied to two close-fit metal surfaces, and solidifies when isolating with air.

Typical Use

Used to prevent loosening and leakage of threaded fasteners. Particularly suitable for heavy duty applications such as bolts used in transmissions, construction equipment or railroad assemblies where resistance to heavy shock, vibration and stress levels

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